Programs/Workshops in America

Ever wanted to travel and join a program or workshop organized in America? Look through this list and check out those you may be interested in joining! E-mail Nina Urbonya ( for any questions.



  • A transformative experience in CARP’s Student Empowerment Seminar, STEP UP (STudent EmPowerment through Unification Principles) which includes interactive sessions where students get the chance to study and directly apply Unification Principles to their own lives.
  • Gain skills in creating this seminar in your area and how to empower your local community of students and young adults
  • Public Speaking practice and coaching
  • Learn how to create a powerful event
  • Connect with the most awesome group of student leaders from across the nation and the globe!
  • Network with successful CARP alumni working in your target industry

They are usually held during the winter (January) and summer (July) holidays following the U.S. Academic calendar.

2. Ocean Challenge Program

The aim of this program is to provide the opportunity for participants to build a culture of heart and develop character while learning maritime skills in the Alaskan wilderness.

Participants will gain Internal Guidance Related to the Ocean World and Hands-on Fishing and Boating Education in the Gulf of Alaska.

 Some activities are Divine Principle lectures and application in the marine setting, visitation of True Parents’ historic fishing sites, fellowship services, intensive ocean and river fishing (Pacific salmon and halibut, sea bass and ling cod); seminars on boating (seamanship), boat preparation, fishing techniques, fish processing, certification on boating safety (Kodiak Coast Guard Auxiliary) Other activities include: a fishing tournament, beach bonfires, a public service project, wildlife viewing and a Kodiak City tour.

This program is offered during the summer (July). Check out their website for more information:

3. BCSF- Blessed Children’s Sports Festival

At this festival, teams representing each district gather to compete against each other in various sports such as soccer, Frisbee, basketball, volleyball, badminton, 5K and table tennis. There will also be craft booths to raise funds for different causes.

The dates vary every year. This year 2016, BCSF will take place from August 10 to August 14.

Check out BCSF’s website for more information:

4. Top Gun Workshop

This is 21 day workshop is organized directly through True Mother’s guidance. She is calling those that will be leading our movement over the next 40 years to come together and inherit the tradition of True Parents. This workshop is a chance for participants from all over the world to build relations, create unity and prepare for a new generation of leadership.

Check out the Top Gun Blog:

5. Divine Principle Seminars at IPEC (International Peace Education Center) Las Vegas

  • 7-day Divine Principle Seminar

Seven-day Divine Principle Seminars allow participants to dig deep and gain a greater understanding of God, ourselves and the world. With more time for in depth discussion, bonding and exploring the surrounding area, the 7-day seminars are a great opportunity to reconnect and recharge. All 7-day seminars include a visit to the Grand Canyon and fishing on Lake Mead.

  • 4-Day True Love Divine Principle Retreat

Experience transformation through Divine Principle intensive study, learn how to apply its teachings in daily life with real engagement in the world, and gain the confidence to share it. Participants will have the opportunity to explore God’s beautiful creation with a fishing outing on Lake Mead, and options to visit the Grand Canyon and see a Las Vegas show.

Check out their website for more detailed information: