Guide Questions to Writing Good Stories


At CARP, we strive to become the best storytellers! Transform boring reports into captivating stories! Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry, we have prepared some questions here that can serve as a guide.  After answering these questions, you will have all the ingredients needed to make an interesting story and share it with the world! And like one wise writer once told me, “Never be afraid to have a really bad first draft!” So let’s get started!

Writing and sharing stories is one way to share best practices and inspire other CARP chapters around the world  

Guide Questions to Writing Good Stories

  1. What: Event Name, Theme, Date, location, number and type of participants
  1. Why: What was the main purpose and desired outcomes for this event?
  1. Challenge: What was the main challenge/difficulty you encountered while preparing for this event or during this event?
  1. Victory: How did you overcome the challenge?
  1. Celebration: What was the highlight of the event activity /meeting? (What was the best thing that happened?)
  1. Testimony: What was the reaction of the participants attending the event activity meeting? (Include testimonies, reflections, direct quotes from the participants)
  1. Impact: What was accomplished through this event/activity/meeting?

*** Please include a couple pictures that you think best showcases your event/activity/meeting 

Here are some effective shots you may want to consider:

  • Group shot (with a banner if possible)
  • Action shot: participants engaged in a particular connected to the event
  • Location shot
  • VIPs: this could be your guests, sponsors, or the people who are directly benefiting from your event