Empower Students to Shine on Campus


Help Students BE THE LIGHT that Shines on Campus…

School today is not what it used to be. Students experience pressure on all sides: academics, peers, family, society, etc. It's easy to get lost in the crowd, to not stand for the principles that matter. But principles, like "Live for the Sake of Others," DO matter. It matters that we think beyond our own self-interests. For students like Marcus, it's made all the difference in his growth, health, and outlook on life. Help more students like Marcus experience hope, freedom, and clarity. 

Your donation sponsors CARP chapter support to empower students to BE THE LIGHT, in an often "gray," relativistic world. Your donations provide tools and trainings to students to articulate their principles in life so they can make a positive impact any place they go: at school, at home, with their families, at work, etc. Your investment in young people is an investment in the future. 

Help students to BE THE LIGHT on college campuses - where ideas and principles are seeds that develop throughout life. 

Make a difference to students like Marcus by donating today.