Internship/Training Opportunities with CARP America


This is a list of opportunities available in the United States for international candidates who are interested. There will be an application and selection process. If you are interested or have any questions and would like further details, please contact Nina Urbonya (

1. CARP Headquarters Internship:

These internships will give participants experience in event management, budgeting, public speaking, goal setting, marketing, networking, administrative affairs, coaching and other technical skills essential in a professional non-profit/business environment.

The CARP HQ office in New York City offers internships in various areas:

  • Administrative Affairs
  • Program Development (Momentum)
  • Media and Design
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Professional Fundraising
  • Development and Communications

Time Period: May-August

2. CARP Las Vegas Training:

VISION for Witnessing:

  1. 1. CARP members are trained to become future leaders in the environment of witnessing. They learn to lead themselves and others, both spiritually and professionally, thereby naturally leading them to tribal messiahship.
  2. 2. Have CARP and FFWPU be recognized by the local community and greater society through engaging in service projects that help solve real issues in society, so that WE can all be proud of True Parents’ vision and our movement, thereby inheriting and honoring the investment of our elders.
  3. CARP members reach out to high schools and introduce CARP’s vision to establish HARP to the students. By establishing CARP and HARP brothers and sisters as role models, we hope to eventually reach out and raise up middle school students.
  • 4 Areas of Training:
  1. Witnessing (approach, give lectures, guide small group study, etc.)
  2. Outreach (create programs to reach out to professors and other religious organizations on campus, start HARP, etc.)
  3. Media Development (promoting CARP through social media, website, videos, photos, etc.)
  4. Finance (business, funding, grant, etc.)

Time Period: Minimum of 3 months commitment (preferably 6 months)

Check out CARP Las Vegas’ Facebook Page: