This I Believe : Hyo Nam Heller

F*** it


Have you ever stressed so much over certain tasks so much it is impossible to enjoy down time man? When down time becomes…. Down time haaaa get it? It sucks! When I was in High school, the weekends were dreadful, dull and I don’t seem to be in the mood for anything. I stress and stress over the work and yet I still trick myself into thinking I will do it the coming Sunday. So I feel great about myself!… For about 30 minutes, then I feel like a worthless piece of s*** again. Man how the small tasks you have will ruin your weekend. I can’t get away from school on my free time. But due to the severity of my “f*** it” motto, I basically desire immediate happiness so desperately that it comes back and punches me in the face. So now my present and future are both f***ed and don’t I feel GREAT!… And I wonder why didn’t I just do it Friday to enjoy the weekend? But I procrastinate and prove to the world I am that f*** up that recycles the same excuses to procrastinate once again. This never-ending cycle kills my fun, family plans and my workouts! Worst of all I become butt ugly and die of obesity. Okay my bad, I went overboard the lame jokes but maybe you catch my drift?


My point is not oh blah blah I should do our work no matter what because it’s good or whatever, you know procrastinate your procrastination… or procrastinate later therefore I do my work now…  My point is that if nothing is motivating me to do my homework; not even the person I want to become, my future career or impressing my biggest crush with how sexy my brains might possibly be; i should be happy with choosing not to do my work. Because, let me be real with myself, I didn’t and I’m not going to do my homework anyway. And secondly, ruining my weekends with my family and friends because I’m so stressed, lead to terrible things: family feuds break ups, parties (which isn’t too bad), drugs and hemorrhoids!!! (jk). I remember when I had to finish college apps or my college essay, I couldn’t joke around and be me around my family and friends. And on top of that, I didn’t even do my damn apps or essay that week it was due! Whether I do my work or not, it is Important that I cherish the moments I have with my family and friends because if I don’t I will not have too much of a purpose to my life. I cherish family first and if i cant connect with my family I down in the dumps.

Everyone in this world desires to be happy! I thought about it,would you rather do no work and be stressed out your face or do no work and be HAPPY as hell? If I feel too overwhelmed man, I just get into meditation and lightly say… “F*** it… Oh well”. I feel light and full of joy for whatever i am doing in the moment. I believe there are times to live for the moment.

It’s such a simple CHOICE to be HAPPY! Now now, I’m not saying go be satisfied with being a bum your whole life. I’m saying do not allow the work you probably won’t do, affect the time with your friends and family. As Bobby Mcferrin says… “Don’t worry, be happy!” =]