This I Believe : Ester Allen


I believe that God gave us passions so that we could love others.Growing up I felt very self conscious I felt like the one kid without natural talents, I danced like the whitest girl around. Singing would result in confused and pained faces from family and friends Art was not my thing and even drawing a stick figure posed a challenge. Sometimes finding those things is not so easy and our passions are not so clear, but when I finally looked for my passions by looking at my priorities. I found that while I can’t share love by singing a song, writing a rap or amazing you with my ballroom dancing skills, I can share my unique love by doing things that I love most. And lucky for you I love to cook, I love to do yoga and best of all I love to be here, I love the challenge of trying  to be someone for my brothers and sisters, i love pushing myself to try to say something somewhat meaningful, I love giggling with the girls and beating up the boys. This is my passion and I believe God gave it to me so I could share my love with you.