Day 11: Meeting with CARP Co-Founder Mother Moon

During our stay in Korea, we stayed at the Hyo Jeong Cheon Won Training Center (formerly known as the Cheong Pyeong Training Center). The peaceful atmosphere was refreshing and participants were able to take time to meditate and pray. In the morning, we went up to the Tree of Blessing to pray and reflect. We also heard a lecture from Mr. In Pyo Moon about how the spirit world works.


CARP America was incredibly blessed to meet with Mother Moon on this trip. Initially intended to be just a pilgrimage to the Cheon Jeong Gung Peace Palace, Mother Moon invited us to a luncheon together with her since she wanted to meet the American students. 

The K-CARP President had told Naoko Hiraki what an incredible blessing it was. Usually, Mother Moon does not meet members unless they number in the 1000’s, but she wanted to meet our mere 120 students in an intimate setting in her home. 

When she came to see us, Mother Moon opened with words of love strongly urging the American students to fulfill America’s responsibility in recognizing and providing an environment for True Parents. She shared that although she wanted to praise us, she felt she needed to focus on pushing us forward to finish God’s providence in America. CARP America shouted with agreement.

During the lunch, we ate Heaven G Burger and sat with Mother Moon while CARP America gave presentations about CARP including personal testimonies from Jermaine Bishop and Naoko Hiraki and a few words from CARP America President, Teresa Rischl. Afterwards, CARP performed for Mother Moon with such sincerity that many tears flowed from the CARP students. 

“It was my dream to perform Hyo Shim for True Mother.” – Hana Kitamura


Afterwards, Mother Moon treated us with Apple Heaven’s performances, like a personal concert, that had everyone in high spirits. We ended the day with a commemorative photo and a promise to triple our membership next year. 

Thank you to True Parents for this wonderful opportunity. We love you!