Days 12 – 15: The Final Hours


Day 12

After more than a week in Korea, the trip participants were ready to head back to Japan. They packed their stuff and all headed out to Incheon International Airport where their flight was waiting. Despite the exhaustion of travelling, the participants were buzzing with excitement and used the last bit of travel as a buffer into their next adventure.  

Day 13

After the many inspirations and blessings everyone had received throughout this trip, we took some time to separate into CARP chapters to make determinations and goals! Everyone felt strongly to build up their CARP chapters or even to start a chapter at a new campus to further True Parents’ vision. Larger and more experienced chapters held lengthy discussions about how to incorporate their experiences into the new year. 

Not only did this serve as a bonding experience, but all chapters and individuals had a chance to reflect as well. 

J-CARP also came to teach the MuJoGeon dance to CARP America who were asked by True Mother to perform at the Madison Square Garden event on July 15. Learning the dance in just a few hours was a challenge, but they managed it well and performed it for President Tokuno and President Motoyama and his wife later that day. While they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, President Tokuno asked CARP America to continue to practice so that it will be at the “completion level” during the final performance. 

Afterward, CARP America performed at an Open Mic night as part of the last full night together as a trip. 

Day 14

After a long two weeks of sharing ideas, values, and other internal guidance, the students from America could have a fun-filled day at Disneyland! They split into groups and enjoyed the attractions and rides and bought many souvenirs. They even performed MuJoGeon in front of Cinderella’s Castle. 


Day 15

Our closing ceremony was not without tears as everyone said good-bye to one another and gave gifts of appreciation to their staff. Naoko Hiraki gave a testimony about her experience in CARP and gave words of encouragment in our coming year.  We sincerely thank everyone who supported us and encouraged us along this trip including parents, educators, donors, and friends. We hope this trip has inspired all the students from both continents and we hope to bring an even stronger determination into the next semester!