Day 9: Visiting Holy Ground

Today’s activities took us on a pilgrimage of the True Father’s humble beginnings as he was growing a movement. We went to the Beomnaetgol holy ground where we entered the museum with the rock upon which Father Moon built his mud house – the very first church where he wrote the Divine Principle.

We heard a brief explanation from the guide about Father Moon’s journey as a refugee from the north. We leafed through pictures of the mud house, met some early members, and glanced at copies of the original Divine Principle. 

Then we took pictures and headed up to the “Rock of Tears,” named so because of how many tears Father Moon shed in prayer for God, the world, and his country. There, we touched the very rock where Father Moon offered so much devotion and prayed alone for the salvation of humanity. 

“It was a very deep experience thinking about the investment that True Father put into those places and seeing now how all his visions are coming true. People from all over the world are now coming to see [the Rock of Tears]. It is his devotion that really moves these people, and it’s something that’s really inspiring. It gives me hope for the future. Back in those days, Korea was underdeveloped. Busan was a small town, and now here we all are from across the world. It’s really beautiful to think about.” – Mika Miyagi