Day 8: Arriving in Korea


Starting today, we embarked on the second leg of this international trip – Korea! We said our goodbyes to the Japanese CARP students and flew into Seoul and from there took buses to Sun Moon University. Once we arrived, we received a very warm welcome by students and the CARP staff. 

There was a banner that said “Sun Moon University warmly welcomes CARP USA!”

We gathered in the meeting room on the 5th floor of the main building. There, we met the President of Sun Moon University who spoke to us about True Father’s vision in establishing this university.

“True Father always told me, ‘you have to make this school into the Harvard of Korea!”

 He turned to the American students and said,

“If you come to this school, I have no doubt that we can make it into the best school. So please consider attending classes here.” 


Following these remarks, there was an impressive presentation on the reforms that the university undertook in order to ensure that it is not cut by the government. Sun Moon University has been rising in the university rankings over the years. 

“It made me want to go to Sun Moon University to learn Korean language.” – Jennifer 

Each participant received a gift – a shampoo set and a handy pamphlet explaining everything about Sun Moon University. 

Lastly, everyone was treated to a delicious Korean dinner before heading out to Busan.