CARP MANILA: Sharing Food, Sharing Love

On August 30, 2016 CARP Manila had the opportunity to serve their community by volunteering for a ‘Food Feeding Program’ at the local Baclaran Elementary School.


Over 200 children were fed over the course of the program.

One of the volunteers remarked, “It’s so overwhelming to welcome every single student as they entered the room, serve them by giving them food, then hearing their gratitude as they leave. It was like we want them to receive love, but we feel we receive more love from them.”

Some of the missionaries who were recently sent to the Philippines were also very happy as they were able to taste one of the best Filipino recipes, ‘Tinola.’


After having worked hard to ensure that all 200 children were well fed and satisfied, the CARP volunteers had some time during lunch to socialize and bond with the school teachers and other staff. They expressed deep gratitude to the teachers, Ms. Nenita Panio and Ms. Myra Hizon, who were the main organizers that made this program possible. These teachers planned, sponsored and prepared the entire program and then graciously invited CARP to participate.

CARP members were very grateful to be a part of such a meaningful program. Father Moon has taught through his autobiography that “Food is love.” The CARP volunteers could directly experience this through the program.

“I really felt that True Father’s words were true. When we share food, we are sharing love.”

CARP Manila is looking forward to taking part in more meaningful activities to create a positive impact on their community.