Albania Celebrates Father Moon’s Life and Legacy

Mother Moon recently directed nations around the world to commemorate Father Moon’s life in their own nations. On September 3, 2016, 280 people including Ambassadors for Peace, current and former Ministers, government representatives and guests from all over Albania gathered in the main hall of the Tirana International Hotel to honor, remember and celebrate the life of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon.


The program consisted of testimonies and performances, all testifying about Father Moon in a different light. Some testified about how great, strong and determined True Father was even when facing persecution or death. Others testified about how sensitive and compassionate he was, moved to tears by watching a leaf fall from the tree.

Opening remarks were given by Rev. Giuseppe Cali who came to Albania from Italy to teach Divine Principle to young Albanians. Rev. Cali shared his personal experiences with True Father and how his life was changed drastically by the teachings and lifestyle of Father Moon, who lived an exemplary life.

After a moving video about True Father’s life and achievements, Mr. Ali Lacej, the coordinator of Albanians’ Peace Council, testified about the greatness of True Father’s teachings and the spiritual revolution he brought to peoples’ minds and hearts. He ended by saying, “Father Moon has done so much for Albania and Albanians.”


This was followed by beautiful songs performances by two Universal Peace Academy students and Albanian blessed families, concluding with a lively dance performance by 4 Japanese missionary brothers. They all expressed their heart of gratitude to Father Moon through their performances.  


But perhaps the most moving part of the program were the four heartfelt testimonies. Each testimony was filled with sincerity and a longing for Father Moon. They shared about the precious memories they had with Father Moon, bringing the audience to tears.

To end off the beautiful ceremony, the famous Albanian singer, Marisa Ikonomi sang “Let it Be”,  followed by another famous Albanian song.

It was a short program but all the attendees left feeling closer to Father and Mother Moon. Some of the guests who had know little about Father Moon’s life were happy to have this opportunity to get to know him better.

Albania will continue to testify about Father and Mother Moon and let people know that they are here.