The Semester Runs Like Clockwork


Student Perspective – By Sung Soon Gaval

During midterms, you become extremely intentional in how you spend your time. Or, at least you should. Even though we all know that, like clockwork, the majority of college students cram in all corners of the library studying the night before the big test.  The lure of spring break pushes us to just get it done, whatever the cost. Then, as soon as the pressure is released, we relax and put a full stop on that frenzied momentum.

You’ve worked hard. You deserve a break. Spring break is a good time to reset, recharge, and be ready to tackle the remainder of the semester.

What can you do to make the second half even better than the first?

At the beginning of the semester, you received a syllabus outlining class expectations. Most  classes have a final project, presentation, paper, etc. that most of us put off.  Professors always advise to start your project early but…who really does that? It’s not realistic – you haven’t even seen enough of the class to know what you’re talking about.

However, after the halfway mark, your reality has shifted. Now, you have a real sense of the shape and direction of your classes. You know you’ll be busy with finals, just like you were busy with midterms. Like clockwork. So, why not make an intentional decision to work on your semester project from this point on? Or at least schedule time before the deadlines pile up again. Why not buy a planner (or dust off the one lying somewhere under your bed) and make a plan? Much of the stress comes because we don’t know how we’re going to do it all.

College is not just about passing classes.

Really, it’s about building strong habits of success for your future. And, just as important, for your life – right now. Why add all that extra stress from last-minute management? Figure that you’re already going to be strapped during finals. Help yourself out and get a head start. You deserve it. 

Breath. Take some time now and plan. Be intentional. Your future self will thank you (and me of course for encouraging you – you’re welcome!).


‘Student Perspective’ is written by students, for students and gives insights on how to be successful in college.