Uganda: Understanding Leadership Towards Environmental Changes in Building World Peace


UGANDA – On March 5th, 2016 we held a CARP conference at the Peace Embassy Uganda under the theme “Understanding Leadership Towards Environmental Changes in Building World Peace”

We had representatives from the University council (Kampala university =3, Makerere university = 3, Institute of fisheries = 2, Community= 10 , Total = 18)

Our aim was to create a foundation for launching CARP chapters in those universities.

We played the documentary on the ” Sunhak peace prize winner awards”. Then Prof. A.B.T. Byaruhanga Akiiki  the Deputy vice chancellor of Kampala university ( CARP Patron) gave the keynote address based on the International president’s recent ILC address, followed by an environmental presentation (Dangers of green house gas emission) by the education director of Uganda, Mr. Gwaku David.

The students were inspired by the documentary, keynote address and the presentation on climate changes in Uganda.

After these presentations, the CARP President Mr. Mukasa Paul led a group discussion for the way forward.

The participants asked to hold subsequent seminars in their universities where they will mobilize students including those who are not in leadership positions. They plan to host them in about two weeks time.

.There was also some entertainment by Anrew wasswa  who sang “Arirang”, leaving everyone captivated. 

Three projects came up from the discussion: micro-gardening, Verma culture and fish farming. Some of these projects are to be started in two weeks time. 

All the participants were happy and it was overall a successful conference.