Abbreviated News: Last Two Day CARP Retreat of the Semester with CARP Las Vegas

Contributed by Mia Taguchi

Everyone who attended the retreat with their guest speaker in the middle.

Everyone who attended the retreat with their guest speaker in the middle.

On November 30th to December 1st, CARP Las Vegas held their final two day retreat of the semester. With CARP leaders, members, and local community members, this retreat proved to be another incredible experience for everyone. Guest speaker, Neville Labrooy, flew in all the way from Bellingham, Washington and inspired everyone with his unique twist on the Unification Principles.


Participants had the opportunity to bond and connect through activities and to go deeper into the Principle. Mr. Labrooy’s incredible testimonies about his own life and how he came to know the Principle was a highlight for many people. His photos of him with his ten grandchildren and his wife as well as his endless stories of how much he loves his wife and family testified to the Principles he was sharing.


This two day workshop was a time to rejuvenate people’s spirits and regain a sense of purpose and self. One guest even shared on the final night that she gained a sense of meaning to her life, something she had been in search of for a while. Other participants shared that Mr. Labrooy’s take on the Principle had inspired them and helped them to understand their lives deeper. Whilst it was sad to see the final two-day retreat of the semester come to a close, everyone was eager and looking forward to the seven day retreat coming up.

CARP Las Vegas’ end of semester seven day retreat will take place from December 17 - 23. Email for more information. See more of CARP Las Vegas on their Facebook page.

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