What’s up, CARP!


My name is Denthew Learey; I am 21 years old, and I am the Assistant Pastor of the Belvedere Family Community. I am not one that stands out in a crowd, so I have to compensate with my energetic, comical character.

I love sports. You will often find me on the Frisbee field,  ready to compete at the annual Blessed Cultural Sports Festival (BCSF), an annual sports and arts competition for the youth of the Unification Movement. I also love volleyball, but I make sure I take breaks from sports to enjoy endless hours behind a computer screen as well.

Denthew with his team at BCSF.

Denthew with his team at BCSF.

I am currently enrolled at a community college majoring in the prestigious field of Liberal Arts. I plan to transfer to a university and to continue developing myself, most likely to pursue Psychology and Theology. I would never describe myself as someone who is extremely goal-oriented and driven, but when the passion is uncovered, my will does shine forth and I will fight till the very end.

A Journey of Faith

When I was 16 years old, I began a journey of faith during a desperate prayer, intensely asking God what my purpose, my value, was. At that moment, I met God in the stars. Although shocked and stunned, the incredible warmth and love I felt is unforgettable.

My journey of faith had begun to truly understand the principles that we stand for and live by them.

Denthew and his family.

Denthew and his family.

As I became more confident in who I was, I began to spread my newfound inspiration to those around me and to share love I felt. I began guiding others on their journey of faith to overcome obstacles and to discover their values and beliefs, as had been done for me.  

Denthew leading service at his local church.

Denthew leading service at his local church.

Along with my faith, my passion in learning and understanding the Divine Principle grew through the countless camps and workshops I have attended and staffed.  However, I experienced the most love and growth from my two years on European Special Task Force (STF), a gap year leadership training program.

For me, the Divine Principle (the spiritual text of the Unification Movement) was a real page-turner, and I was enraptured with every word. It just made so much sense. I do exaggerate a bit, but I honestly could see the value of really getting to know and understand the Principle and the truths it holds.


Moving Forward

I am here with CARP as a English intern. I am hoping to become better in expressing myself, whether it is through talking, activities, or even through being more organized (an area in my life that is sorely lacking), but especially through words.

I will be helping to write articles and posts to inspire and inform you about CARP and all our wonderful activities.

I will also take this opportunity to grow myself, and take this time in CARP to learn some useful tips and tricks in bettering myself, in smoothing out the rough edges, and in realizing my potential. Let’s go on this journey of growth together!

Before this becomes too long, and for you, the one person still reading this, I would like to personally invite you to reach out and talk. If you need help with anything or just want someone to be your friend, I am here for you! You can reach me at CIGlearey@gmail.com.

God Bless!