Day 1: Arriving to Japan

CARP officially landed in Japan today, June 20, safely! Participants from different communities across America, Canada and England were welcomed and greeted by a few Japanese CARP members at the airport.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support! There was an air of excitement among the participants as they gathered together.

After everyone arrived, we took a bus to the Isshin Education Center where we will be staying for most of our time in Japan. There was delicious curry for dinner and then a short orientation. Participants received a booklet with information and were placed into groups and took some time to get to know each other and their motivation for coming along this trip. Many are hoping for an enriching experience both inter-culturally and in their faith. 

“This is my first time going anywhere outside of the United States. I’m excited, especially because I love Japan and having Japan as my first place to go is really amazing.” – Justin Jobelle


“I’m looking forward to the pilgrimages, following in True Father’s footsteps [and] connecting with the communities [in Japan and Korea].” – Jinka Kawasaki


“After six months of not being with [CARP], it feels really good to actually go on a trip with them. I feel very happy and very blessed.” – James Lo 


“I think it’s really cool that most of [my team] are people that I don’t know. Even if they are from L.A., I haven’t met them, and a lot of them are from different states, so it’s really exciting to come together with a bunch of different people.” – Sarah Takhar

Stay tuned for more adventures during this two-week event!