Orientation in Los Angeles


Here in the great city of Los Angeles we are shifting kick things into high gear as we prepare for our second annual CARP Japan trip. This past Sunday, June 18, we wrapped up our second consecutive orientation.

As you already know, CARP America is planning to welcome four times the number of participants this year. For this reason, we knew it was absolutely necessary to come together to outline unifying intentions and goals for the journey ahead of us.

The gathering most appropriately began with a prayer by the PCC chapter president Takayo Hiraki, followed by some words of inspiration from our very own co-founder, Dr. Hak Ja-han Moon. Afterwards, the purpose of the Japan trip was narrowed down to five points which Jermaine Bishop elaborated for everyone in attendance.

  1. To experience the heart of the CARP founders by revisiting the triumphant path they traveled.
  2. To uplift our brothers and sisters serving in Japanese and Korean communities.
  3. To embrace our future as global citizens and leaders.
  4. To offer our support in raising awareness of the significance of reuniting North and South Korea.
  5. To provide momentum and inspiration to those who wish to begin local CARP chapter upon their return to their local communities.

Naoko San shared a brief recap of last year’s trip and the ripple of impact our actions created since then. It is amazing what young adults can do when they stand as one, refusing to accept borders as boundaries. The schedule for this year’s trip was shared by Jennifer Pierce and then we closed out the meeting by practicing a song we plan to offer to our distant family members serving in Japan and Korea.