A CARP Member Is Walking Through Campus When…

A short story about a real-life campus conversation.


A CARP member is walking on campus when he spots two women walking together passing out objects to other students. Noticing that their paths will cross, this CARP member (we’ll call him Jay) pays more attention to the objects they are passing out. He realizes that the two women are passing out condoms.

As the two young women approach Jay, they offer him a free condom. Jay asked them, “What are you doing?”

“We’re passing out condoms,” they answer.

“Why?” Jay asks.

“To keep people safe,” they answer.

He then turns closer and says, “I believe there is another method to keep people safe. And it has to do with practicing pure love. Can I ask you something about that?”

The two women look at each, hesitate, then look back at him saying, “Sure!”

“What are you trying to keep people safe from?” he asks.

“We want to protect people from STDs.” The two women confidently respond.

“Ah, so you want to protect people from STDs. Well then, may I ask you, are these STDs the cause or the result?” he asks intently.

“Well, I guess they are the result,” they answer.

“Okay, if STDs are the result then what do you think is the cause?” Jay asks. “I personally believe that the cause is practicing a false way of loving. Would you agree?”

Pausing to look at each other again, the two young women respond, “Well, I guess you’re right.”

Jay then says, “Exactly. Don’t you think we should be focusing on the cause and not simply the result?”

The two young women nodded, thanked Jay, and continued passing out condoms. Jay walked away that day feeling very confident and proud that he expressed his views. He also left the two young women with something to think about. And that’s what CARP is all about: empowering students with conversations that matter. 

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