CARP Brazil Meets to Talk about Future Strategic Plans

Contributed by CARP Brazil

On October 22nd, 2016, 86 university students gathered at the Main Headquarters in São Paulo to plan for new upcoming projects together.


The main focus of the meeting was to develop a clear and effective strategy to motivate university students to reach out and expand ongoing projects that promote good family values. The hope is that through promoting these good values, we can create a healthier and more prosperous society and nation.

The meeting’s agenda was very engaging and insightful. Various lectures presented on their experience with the Pure Love Movement that seeks to promote purity before marriage and on other diverse programs and activities that encourage good family values in schools. They shared what has worked and what can be improved.

Through these sessions, participants gained new inspiration and motivation to carry on the programs and projects in an effort to transform their schools and society at large.

Continental Leader for FFWPU in South America, Rev. Shin Dong Mo and the Youth and CARP Emissary for Brazil, Rev. Kwun In-Soung also gave encouraging remarks to the students, applauding them for their work so far and showing support for the work ahead.

Rev. Shin Dong Mo giving encouraging remarks to the participants

Rev. Shin Dong Mo giving encouraging remarks to the participants

The day’s events ended with a ‘question and answer’ session where any lingering doubts and concerns were addressed. The participants appreciated all the advise from the more experienced lecturers about the various issues they face in their daily activities.


At the end, the participants committed to going back to their schools and engaging in activities such as giving lectures on family values in order to start a national movement towards building healthier societies and eventually, a stronger, God-centered nation.