CARP Costa Rica Hosts 5th HEROES Workshop

  On October 16, 2016 CARP Costa Rica held its 5th HEROES workshop at the Family Federation Headquarters with 30 participants. ‘HEROES’ is a group consisting of university students who are committed to caring and helping middle and high school students to develop with principled values. It also seeks to reach out to other university students and encourage them to join various projects such as mentoring.

The HEROES workshop has been held regularly over the past few months. It is a one day seminar focused on educating students about leadership especially regarding environmental and social issues. The workshop aims to raise up current mentors into capable leaders that can contribute to society and secondly, to raise up current mentees into mentors.

Participants enjoying ice breakers

Participants enjoying ice breakers

This workshop began with ice breakers and fun games to get participants to socialize and get to know each other better.  The focus of the workshop was the application of Unification Principles in solving environmental issues affecting the society at large.

Lecturers on environmental issues were presented by volunteers of the Japan International Cooperation Agency.


Other topics also covered during the workshop were: human value, love, peace and taking action. The most important objective is to inspire students to serve the community and practice principled values.

Students were challenged to think in the other person’s shoes; to think about the other person who is in a worse situation. For example, there was an exercise that allowed students to experience how it feels to be blind or illiterate.

There were also discussions on pressing environmental matters such as climate change. Students engaged in brainstorming sessions to figure out what action they can do and what principles they can use to help solve the problems of society and the world at large.


All the participants had a positive experience and are eager to participate in the next workshop. The workshop helped students to broaden their perspectives and create new mindsets around issues affecting their society.