Not Just a Year Older, But a Year Better


CARP’s Office Administrator, Takayoshi Sugawara is celebrating a birthday today! Here is Taka’s ten-year-long journey with CARP. This Renaissance man has fundraised, filed, and forged ahead for CARP at different times in his life.

A Calling to CARP

In 2008, Taka was studying Economics and Multimedia Arts at Tufts University in Boston. It was at that time, months away from graduation, that he suddenly quit school, unable to continue due to personal circumstances and depression.

During this dark period in his life, he recalled how CARP had been positive, supportive influence while on campus. He felt God’s call to become a full-time fundraiser for CARP America and deepen his relationship with the Heavenly Parent. The hours were long and humbling, but Taka saw the power of God within everyday human interaction.


After devoting a full year to fundraising for CARP in the New York area, he returned to care for the Worcester community as their Youth Minister in 2010. The following year, he became the co-Youth Minister for New England. Throughout this time, he wanted to serve and uplift ordinary people to make extraordinary differences in their loved ones’ lives. But, Taka needed to find his truth first.

Open Doors and Open Arms

In 2013, Taka enrolled in Barrytown College with a major in Theology and Philosophy. He spent two years seeking and studying the absolute truths within himself and others.


After graduating in the spring of 2015, Taka sought out an honest perspective of the work culture at Family Federation.

Within a few months, Taka was invited by CARP to attend the Top Gun workshop in South Korea and test his leadership abilities.

“I wanted to meet True Mother, and see who she really is with my own eyes.”

Seeing Mother Moon’s expansive heart towards the youth, Taka was energized for his work as CARP Office Administrator and his role in improving CARP America nationwide.


“I believe this is where I am meant to be.”

Since October 2015, Taka has been keeping the books updated, designing merchandise, and maintaining the CARP website. The dozens of tasks that arise during the average workday are often passed to his capable hands.

Out-of-Office Taka

In his free time, Taka can be seen exploring nature, vibrant cities, or the worlds of music and film. Among other cool hobbies, Taka carves pumpkins and watermelons into exquisite designs and has a Facebook page displaying his beautiful craft. 

“When I was a kid, I lived in a cul-de-sac (dead-end street). It was the perfect place for a kid to grow up. Neighbors looked out for each other. This is how I would like to feel around the world, like everyone is a neighbor.”

We are indebted to Taka for his consistent presence at CARP Headquarters; we have progressed closer towards a global family thanks to him. Taka’s daily efforts, though not always glamorous, are vital to CARP America’s functions throughout the country. We wish Taka well on his continuous journey to becoming a true leader who raises up all those around him.