CARP Czech Republic Co-Hosts Local Festival

Contributed by CARP Czech Republic

CARP Czech Republic co-hosted a local event titled “Experience the City in a Different Way” last September 2016.

This event is part of a broader national project, organized annually, which includes hosting various local street festivals by local individuals and organizations, in cooperation with NGOs and state institutions.

The main objective of this national project is to bring local people and communities closer together. It creates a space for people to meet and get to know each other’s skills, talents, and businesses. These events also aim to raise awareness about current issues faced by the communities and the world at large.

CARP Czech Republic helped organize one of the local festivals in Prague in collaboration with the locals. They participated in the initial planning phase, actively contributing in the organizing committee’s strategic meetings. They also played a major role in inviting and informing locals about the program, organizing parking and finalizing other details related to the event.

President of CARP Czech Republic, Veronika Trinklova, informing members of the community on the day’s events

President of CARP Czech Republic, Veronika Trinklova, informing members of the community on the day’s events

“All this gave us very useful insight on what it takes to make such an event happen.” – Czech Republic CARP President, Veronika Trinklova

On the day of the festival, CARP volunteers turned up early in the morning to help with all the necessary preparations.The program started at noon and was packed with music performances, workshops, theatre performances, sports activities, and delicious foods prepared by local individuals and companies.

Throughout the event, CARP volunteers served the locals by welcoming them, offering basic information on the program to the newcomers, and organizing the festival raffle and orientation. They also sold special maps and eco-cups called “NICK-NACK”. The occasional wind and rain made the experience a bit challenging at times but the CARP volunteers’ determination and heart to serve never wavered.

CARP & HARP members welcoming people to the local festival

CARP & HARP members welcoming people to the local festival

A few volunteers from HARP, a high school sister organization of CARP, also came out to help, turning the event into a bonding experience for all. It was nice to see different organizations coming together to create this event for the community.

“It was a very nice experience meeting and serving different people of varying ages, cultures and nationality. Overall, we learned a lot from this experience, not only in practical terms but also on a more personal level. It challenged some of our limitations and awakened in us a passion to strive for greater things. It felt so nice to be a part of such an amazing team and serving our community together. It was a great adventure and I look forward to experiencing another one soon!” – Veronika Trinklova

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