Meet the Student: Kimi

Here’s a student highlight from one of the CARP chapters in Boston. 


This is Kimi, a motivated and bubbly junior studying Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She’s the student of the week because of her determination to overcome challenges, no matter what might come up. 

Kimi has attended CARP workshops, including Momentum 2016, since she started university in 2014. Last spring, Kimi also participated in CARP’s pilot 10-week mentoring program. This fall semester, Kimi was inspired to start a chapter at her university. But, she’s hit a few roadblocks with the university in registering to become a student club.


“It’s been difficult. There are times when I just felt like I didn’t want to do it, to be honest. I just didn’t want to deal with it because I felt like it shouldn’t be this hard. There were all these challenges with protocol; to do it right, I have to complete the paperwork.”

However, while she was working out the registration, she still found a way to meet with her CARP chapter – at a local coffee shop! We’re proud of her for moving forward in the face of difficulties and challenges. Her victory has been to consistently work hard (even on something that seems difficult) and still establish a chapter.


“The main thing keeping me going is just doing it. Whether I believe I can or not, I just set it up and do it. Even though I had my first meeting, it didn’t go perfectly but I did it. I feel like that is the most important thing. It’s not how I imagined it to be but it’s a process. There are definitely times I want to give up. There are many times I don’t feel confident in myself as a leader. But there is always something in my life, that pushes me to move forward and a part of my heart that tells myself I cannot give up. And I realize now that I’m a lot farther than I would have been if I hadn’t done anything.”

She’s been flexible. Kimi’s leadership skills shined through in her willingness to work through the challenges. As a CARP leader, she has had access to one-on-one coaching which has helped her work through difficulties. Many inspired students have tried to do what Kimi only to become overwhelmed with some of the challenges that arise. Kimi’s success wasn’t an easy one, but her determination and CARP’s support allowed her to reach her goal of starting a campus chapter.


Kimi, along with other CARP members, will be gathering this Saturday, November 19, for Boston CARP’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. Hear more stories like Kimi’s at the event. Learn more and register at