Meet the Alumni: Tamara

On today’s Throwback Thursday, here’s a testimony by CARP alumnus, Tamara Starr.


I first joined CARP in New York back in 2003. It was when big leaders like a younger Naokimi Ushiroda (no surprise he’s now CARP’s president) and Hanako Ikeno were out working hard on the scene and I just remember feeling so inspired by them … seeing what they were doing and how they were mobilizing the mission.

And it was because there was just so much energy at that time – to serve.  The whole mission was to not only share the Divine Principle, but to also serve our community based on our core values. At that time, I had just finished Service for Peace and CARP seemed like a seamless transition for me. So after high school, I knew that my next step was to be a CARP member.

I’m so grateful for the years I spent within this great organization, and so grateful that I was able to work with great leaders like Kazushi Mito in Ossining, NY and Tenseng Guh at the Binghamton University CARP chapter.  Those are memories and experiences that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Some pictures from Tamara’s time with CARP.

Because of my experience in CARP, I became a much more confident leader. As a student, I learned that it was more important to serve and make a positive impact in my community, no matter where my community was (New York and eventually Boston, grad school, and so on). For me, the core values I learned from being a CARP member will always be what drives me to serve.”

Tamara is now the Mentor for Boston CARP and a key organizer in the Boston CARP 50th Anniversary Celebration on November 19th. Hear more stories like Tamara’s at the event. Learn more and register at