Winter Break Exchange Trips!

Written by Nina Urbonya

Have you ever wondered how CARP chapters are doing in other parts of the world?

There are many ways to find out, but the best way is probably to go see and experience it for yourself!

As CARP America’s International Liaison, this year, I had the chance to travel to various countries in an effort to establish closer bonds between CARP chapters all over the world (read about it here). Every time I visited a chapter in another country, I learned something interesting that I could take back home with me: new perspectives, mindset, best practices, outreach systems, friendships, insights, and more. 

These international trips are a very effective tool in helping us become global citizens, to broaden our perspectives, and contribute to society.

The purpose of these exchange trips are:

  • To experience and learn best practices from other CARP chapters
  • To immerse in and explore the culture of another country
  • To contribute to the community through service projects, etc
  • To build strong friendships and connections with CARP members around the world

We have 3 countries ready to host students from America during Winter Break:


1. Philippines – Bohol CARP Center

  • Community Outreach
  • Organize Education workshops for university students
  • Service Projects with local people

In Bohol, you will spend 3 weeks surrounded by diverse nature and friendly people. There will be many opportunities to be directly involved with the community in planning for local activities, events, and service projects.


2. Malaysia – Setapa Center

  • Campus Outreach
  • Service Projects
  • Organizing Student Conferences on campus

In Malaysia, you will be able to experience campus outreach by engaging with guests in volunteering, service projects, and education workshops. Malaysia is unique in that there are 3 main distinct ethnicities. You will be able to taste the best of Malay, Chinese, and Indian food! You will also be able to visit some of the main attractions in Kuala Lumpur.


3. Bangkok, Thailand

  • Campus Outreach
  • 2-day Workshop
  • Service Project with locals

Thailand has a unique campus outreach system that has resulted in the establishment of several CARP chapters in Bangkok. They also have a special 2-day workshop to get participants in touch with their emotions. While staying at the CARP center, you can learn best practices in outreach and fundraising. You will also get the chance to explore Thailand’s Grand Palace.


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact Nina Urbonya at ( If you are interested in doing an exchange trip, apply here by NOV 26th, 2016.

Most of the on-site costs will be covered by fundraising while you are in the country. The only expense that you would have to pay is the flight to that country. If you need support in raising funds for your trip, please reach out to your local community or CARP Headquarters.

**We also have international exchange opportunities in Europe during the Spring. However, the hosts recommend these experiences are best in a 40-day exchange period. If you are taking a break from school, doing online classes, or are able to attend, contact to learn more.