Promoting CARP Montreal on Campus

A story submitted by the CARP Montreal chapter at University of Montreal, Canada.

University of Montreal campus in the fall foliage.

University of Montreal campus in the fall foliage.

After all these planning meetings, it was time to take action!

For months now, the CARP Montreal chapter has been preparing to launch and promote itself on campus. Each team member worked hard towards a successful launching. They made sure no minute detail was left out — flyers, business cards, social media outreach, reservations, etc.

“We didn’t know how it would turn out, who would show up, or what the response from the students would be. But we just went forward with faith.” – Nathan Bellow, CARP Montreal member

Every time things got challenging, the CARP Montreal team reminded themselves of their mission to empower students and raise them into future leaders through the Unification Principles in order to make the world a better place.

Nathan explained, “It gave us strength and kept us motivated.”

Finally, on Friday September 30th, the team set up a stand on campus and promoted their CARP chapter for a good two hours.


Enthusiastic CARP Montreal members on campus promoting their CARP chapter.

“Fridays are usually pretty quiet because not so many students have classes. But it was a good opportunity for us to see how it is and how we can create an attractive stand.” – Nathan

The few students that came up to the stand seemed very interested, but shy as well. One gentleman looked toward the CARP representatives and gently asked, “Hello. Can I take a look at the flyer?” Then a few seconds later, he popped out another question, “Can I take it with me, please?” At least the flyer sparked an interest.

Soon after, a girl came up and asked what CARP was all about. Nathan gave her a brief introduction to CARP’s goals and activities and she seemed very impressed. “Oh! That’s really interesting. I’ve been attending this university for the past two years, but I’ve never heard of such a club before!” She enthusiastically signed up to become a member of the club.

This was like a practice round. Monday October 3rd was the big show day. It was the perfect day to promote CARP because the campus was buzzing with activity and there were many students. Candy lined the CARP stand, inviting fellow students to take a look.



Some people came up to the stand just to grab one of the flyers. They seemed very busy. Others had more time and it allowed for more interesting conversations with the CARP members.

One particular student saw the banner full of famous figures with the invitation to Become the next beacon of hope! and came up smiling to ask, “So how can we become the next symbol of hope?”

Some students took pictures of the banner, feeling inspired and happy. Even some teachers came up to the stand with curiosity and wide smiles across their faces. Everyone that came to check out the stand seemed pleased and inspired by CARP’s activities.  

The CARP Montreal members enjoyed having all these interesting interactions with students on campus.

At the end of the day, Nathan was happy, “We can tell that our banner is really attracting people. It is big and everyone can see it. It’s as if it’s directly attracting the people who have good values and a strong desire to change the world.”

CARP Montreal is just getting started. Let’s cheer them on!