Welcome to the Team, David!

In June, CARP welcomed its newest staff member, David Young, to serve as a Student Coach. We wanted you to get to know him a bit more because he is so darn cool!


“Why not have it all? Young people can have a healthy, balanced, and successful life with the happiness of changing the world.” – David Young

David attended his first CARP Workshop in 2014. He shared, “I respected Naokimi though I hadn’t worked closely with him before; I was ready to follow whatever he had in mind.” 

After that experience he stayed involved by becoming a CARP Chapter Advisor for Ohio State University and West Virginia University. He also participated in workshops and offered presentations, trainings, and other support.

Meanwhile in his professional life, he pursued pastoral work, developed his own coaching business (JSY Coaching), created a seminar based on Principles (Take Your Life On), and was offered a job as a government intelligence analyst to utilize his Master’s in East Asian Languages and Literature. However, he had a passion for making a greater, global impact. Discovering and working with CARP enlightened him to the potential he had always possessed and the bigger reach he could make with CARP.


“I want to bring life coaching to universities. Life coaching changes your perspective and, as a result, your life. I think CARP will have more impact than we even realize now.”

In this world where surviving is the norm, David chooses to thrive and to help those around him thrive, too. David has found fulfillment in his own life by applying Unification Principles and wants to extend these principles to the masses. He uses his training to connect with and uplift others, providing solutions to societal issues, one person at a time.Like David, by contributing to our community through our unique talents, we can experience true happiness. 


David’s positive attitude and supportive family sustains him. He adores his wife, Rika, and son, Michael, and they are expecting another bundle of joy in September. They live in Columbus, OH but love traveling together as a family, when possible. 

Welcome to the team, David! We’re excited for all that you will offer to CARP, its students, and the world.