Meet the Intern, Yeol-Shim Bell

Welcome to the CARP Team, Yeol-Shim!

Welcome to the CARP Team, Yeol-Shim!

Lovely to imagine meeting you!

My name is Yeol-Shim (pronounced yol shim) and I’m CARP’s new intern. A little bit about me: I’m an 18-year old bibliophile from New Jersey. In case you didn’t know, a bibliophile is someone who loves (or, in my case, obsesses over) books.Though I have enjoyed devouring many novels, two of my favorite novelists are Tolkien and Brontë. I enjoy and am moderately good at frisbee, biking, playing the guitar, and speaking French.

In May, I graduated high school with honors from a home-study program. In my local church, I served as a Sunday School assistant teacher and group leader for eight wonderful middle school girls during the 2015-2016 God’s Own (GO) youth program. I’ve also been tutoring at Kumon for two years now.


I was inspired to grow my literary skills and grow my heart.

While participating in different youth workshops, I was inspired to grow my literary skills and my heart. I have wonderful memories of hiking, singing, and playing with the other participants that still brings sunshine to my days. I hope to improve this world by writing novels and creating communities that inspire people to be open-minded and to pursue their unique passions. I plan to attend a gap-year program this fall to better prepare for the future.

Through participating in youth workshops, I am inspired to grow and develop.

Through participating in youth workshops, I am inspired to grow and develop.

My mom was an early CARP member; so it was a little surreal roaming through the
CARP office and seeing all the equipment and streamlined office decor. I was slightly intimidated by the level of professionalism surrounding me, but I was very glad to greet a few familiar faces. I generally enjoy meeting new people and personalities, but I am shy to reveal my character to new acquaintances. I hope to be as welcoming as the people I have met in the last few days!

One day I aspire to impact people’s minds and souls.

My desire is to have a positive, professional impact on this movement and this world; this is the core reason I applied for this CARP internship. I also want practice in sharing my thoughts with the public and this internship gives me the support and opportunity to do so. One day I aspire to have a creative career as a novelist that impacts people’s minds and souls.

For this internship I hope to form genuine relationships, improve my editing skills, grow my perspective, and develop my confidence.

To conclude, please feel free to have lunch with me at the CARP office or contact me for a meaningful (or silly) conversation. It might take a little time to coax me out of my shell, but it is well worth your effort!