Strategic Leadership Meeting for ‘Youth and Students’ & Disneyland

6/2-3 Update

On this day, the group went to Osaka and then visited the Manhattan Center Japan (MCJ), a studio that Hyo Jin Moon started using in 2006. We looked around the museum about Hyo Jin Moon’s life and listened to a short explanation about the place. Hyo Jin Moon had instructed that all the equipment had to be of top quality. He would emphasize that becoming number 1 is important because if you want to change the world, number 2 won’t do. That is why he insisted on number 1 equipment in order to create the best kind of music. He created and dedicated his music to True Parents. We then had a chance to hear several pieces of the Hyo Jin Band with high quality speakers.


The next day, everyone went to Disneyland!


Meanwhile, I participated in a Youth and Students’ Department Leaders’ Strategic Meeting in Tokyo. We got a chance to make concrete plans for the future and share our visions for CARP. Here is a report on this significant 2 day meeting

Youth and Students’ Department Leaders’ Strategic Meeting

The two-day strategic meeting consisted of presentations by CARP chapters from Korea, Japan and America as well as time to discuss and plan future projects together.

Minister of the Mission Strategy Center Jihun Yong gave some simple opening remarks, emphasizing that True Mother was taking great interest in this meeting where leaders from three major countries are gathering. “It is a short time but let’s make it meaningful!”

CARP Korea President Sang Pil Moon gave a colorful and detailed presentation on CARP Korea’s activities. He emphasized that he wants the students to be the ones taking initiative in CARP and that each activity should have some sort of long-term impact, not just a one-time event. This year’s theme for CARP Korea is “Challenge and Unification,” so many of their activities revolve around trying out new things and working towards the unification of North and South Korea.

We then had a presentation on CARP Japan by President Katsumichi Motoyama, who explained the education system for Japanese University students. One recent project called, “S!nergy” was introduced. It is a TED Talk-style presentation where students studying different subjects give a 15 minute talk on issues affecting society. It is very dynamic and has received a good response from Japanese students. Another interesting project was “UNITE,” where university students stand in Shibuya and speak out against communism and communist ideologies.

President Naokimi Ushiroda then introduced CARP America’s activities including our newly launched STEP UP program, Unification Principles, and Unification Points system. He explained about the seven core Unification Principles and asked the leaders in the room to pick a favorite one and share with a partner the reason for picking that principle. I paired with President Sang Pil Moon and he shared, “My favorite principle is number three–we are all a valuable part of humanity–because we first have to acknowledge and accept each person’s value as the starting point for doing greater things. First, we must see the value in each other.”  


It was a great opportunity for the representatives of each country to learn about what the other countries are doing. Both CARP Japan and CARP Korea took interest in CARP America’s new Unification Principles.

The following day we had a chance to discuss in more depth during the breakout session. CARP America extended an invitation to the next global Momentum workshop and both the CARP Japan and CARP Korea presidents expressed interest in sending some of their students to participate in the workshop.

It was very significant for the CARP presidents and leaders to meet face to face so as to open up communication and build trust between chapters. From now on, we are not just moving as single countries but we are beginning to work together to support each other towards achieving the same goal and vision of empowering students.

One of the outcomes from this meeting was that we all committed to stay in touch once a month via web conference. We hope to make international conferences an annual event that will help inspire and motivate students to become global citizens.

We were also able to get approval to write a proposal to have International Headquarters sponsor and send the Universal Peace Academy (UPA) graduates stationed all over the world to come attend the next Momentum workshop. Manager of the Mission Department for Youth and Students, Will Kim, also expressed a strong desire to attend.


Leaders from CARP America, CARP Japan and CARP Korea discuss plans for the future

Leaders from CARP America, CARP Japan and CARP Korea discuss plans for the future

Another significant happening was that CARP America President Naokimi and local CARP leaders Mr. Akira and Mrs. Naoko could go to the different youth departments in Tokyo to look at the education system for Japanese youth. President Naokimi mentioned that their system was very well-organized. “It is very extensive and their education system has a theme based on age and Unification Thought.” This was also an opportunity to learn from the Japanese and see what can be implemented in the United States.