Chapter Highlight: Boston Meets CARP



With over 250,000 college students attending the 100+ colleges and universities in the area, Boston has a reputation to defend: being a college city that provides excellent education. Needless to say, it draws the interest and support of CARP whose aim is to empower college students. Basically Boston represents the mecca of college empowerment and support. Therefore, CARP is very proud to announce that this past Saturday, December 14th, CARP held its very first Interest Meeting with about 10 people in attendance.


Katie Howe, the CARP @ Boston’s chapter representative (pictured far right), introduced and explained the updated CARP model and vision with the aid of Kwonsun Jung, a local Bostonian who recently joined the national HQ team (not in the picture; took the picture). Together with the enthusiastic group, they were able to establish a meeting location and tentative schedule for the upcoming spring semester. The attendees ranged from young working professionals as well as college students from Wellesley, Boston University, Northeastern University, and Boston College. Starting with a hodge-podge of students from different schools, Boston will start as a community chapter with the aim to create on-campus student groups the following semester.


If you’re going to be in the Boston area in the spring semester, this is the up-and-coming club to get connected with. Katie will be giving Boston’s first ever CARP talk titled, “Let’s Get Real,” with the intention of creating authentic relationships in an engaged community that shares what’s really important and meaningful to them. Join them on Saturday, February 7th, 2015 and become part of an emerging community that’s refreshing, engaging, and real. Don’t miss out.