A Value Proposition Just For YOU!


A Value Proposition Just For YOU!

The “holiday season” is officially here, at least according to our recent article on Spirituality. It’s also when a peak of accidents, injuries, depression, and even seasonal affective disorder (SAD – yes, it’s a real thing) occur. Coincidence? Perhaps not. The holiday season brings with it excitement but also stress. Stress. Stress. We hear and feel that a bit too much for our own liking, no? What do we do about it?


You are so close to the finish line

For students, you are so close to completion of the semester. When you get to the final stretch, what’s your usual reaction? Overdose on the caffeine? Lose your good habits and accomplishments from the semester for the final push? What’s your knee-jerk response? Do you run? Hide? Pretend it’s not happening? Just try to survive and get through it?  

Finish Strong.

  I want to challenge you this month – you are so close. Finish well. Finish strong. This may seem unreasonable or not applicable, especially for you. You may say you’re too far in, you’re too far behind, it would be a miracle to get by…maybe.   When life gets crazy and it feels like there’s no time, that’s when it’s MOST important to take time out, to exercise your spiritual muscles to find the core clarity and purpose that will put everything into perspective.  

Connect with your spirit for just a few minutes a day. 

  It can be while you are walking between classes. Just clear your heart and head. See what you can let go of, what is holding you back from being the person you want to be.   Further Reading…”How Successful People Stay Productive and In Control”


How does this connect to Value?

  It’s easy to get affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or sadness when the holiday season comes. Sometimes the “ideal” of the holidays with families coming together and enjoying the merriment of the holiday spirit just isn’t…there. Maybe you may feel distant from it because things aren’t “perfect.” I’m sure I’m not the only one who even made that mean that I, personally, am not perfect. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me or wrong with my situation. Then cue the depression, anxiety, and hesitation that many experience during the holidays. It may seem like everyone else is enjoying the holiday…but you.  

Ever feel that way?

  It’s okay to feel what you feel. Feelings come and go and some may say there’s no way to control your emotions. But, sometimes our feelings are not logical. Sometimes they are irrational. Sometimes we just want chocolate just because (don’t argue with women when they ask for chocolate…trust me- just DON’T). When we can’t depend on our feelings, what can we depend on?

Know Your Value

  The word “value” can sometimes be hard to distinguish. We attribute it to mean a person’s unique identity which is irreplaceable. Human dignity means respecting each person as a unique embodiment of truth and life. There is something special in each person, a unique offering to the world that will never come again. On a more personal level, each of us is someone’s son or daughter. The preciousness of that connection to one another, to the connected world family, is priceless.  

You Matter

  Wouldn’t it be amazing if each person knew that they were worth it? That they were worth getting to know? To be known? To be a part of the celebration, the conversation…to just included? The stress attributed to this time of year when the seasons change, when finals are looming, when bank accounts decline, when the many family dynamics are in play – this feeling of stress can sometimes cloud our vision of what really matters. Just because you “feel” that something is missing, or something is wrong, remember…  

You are Perfect

  Yeah, you heard me. YOU. ARE. PERFECT. Deal with it. Get used to it. Sure each of us has something we could improve on. Sure there may be things in our past that we are not proud of. But, get used to the idea that you are perfect for where are you right now. What’s in the past is in the past (that’s what Lion King was all about – if you need a refresher, go watch it. It’s amazing).


Hakuna Matata

  Now, this is not a pass to just excuse yourself for the sake of it. It’s simply acknowledging that who are you – right now – is a new possibility. Of anything. Each moment is an opportunity to create yourself and to live in the dignity and worth and esteem that you are totally deserving of. Get used to that. You are awesome.  

Tell Yourself that You’re Awesome!

  Now the speaker tells you to pat yourself on the back (go on, you can do it). But seriously this is something that almost all of us struggle with – knowing our own value. Whether that’s the inherent value you have for being alive or the value you can create by perfecting your craft or your gift to the world. Try this exercise – go to the mirror once a day and compliment yourself. Talk to yourself. Honor yourself and your accomplishments. Love yourself. It may be the greatest gift you can give to yourself this holiday. Be generous with yourself.