“Healthy Relationships” by Alban Gaval

He’s the CARP President at his college, he helped coordinate and host the NY Regional Training gathering 5 CARP chapters together last month, he’s the eldest of 7 children, AND he wants to make a difference in the world. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Learn more about this awesome guy with this week’s featured Student Spotlight!

Hi, my name is Alban Gaval. I’m a student at Barrytown College in upstate New York majoring in Philosophy and Religion, with a minor in Media Arts. I’m the eldest child of seven, am excited about education, and believe in the power of storytelling to make the world a better place. My dream is to craft compelling stories that inspire readers and viewers to let their inner goodness shine! I joined CARP to develop my communication skills while simultaneously nourishing my spirit with healthy and inspiring discussions. My time with CARP has surpassed expectations. I did not expect it to help prepare me for my eventual transition to the real world, but that is just what it’s done. A healthy relationship is one of the most valuable and sought-after things we need in our lives. Knowing the nature of and some best practices of truly healthy relationships is crucial.

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