“Inherent Value” by David Young


This week we begin to feature our Campus Mentors – recent college graduates who want to use their college involvement and experience to support local CARP chapters. Hi, my name is David Young. I studied at Ohio State University and got my Bachelor’s in Chinese and International Relations and then earned my Masters in East Asian Languages and Literature. Now, I’m focusing on being an awesome pastor and creating a faith community that changes lives and impacts the community I live in.

A few months ago I attended the National CARP Training and got involved because I believe in the vision of CARP and I’m an advocate for breaking out of the stereotypical college student mold. Living authentically and powerfully is something you don’t have to wait for. CARP proves that college students can be awesome, authentic, and skilled leaders.

In terms of my CARP talk on Inherent Value, I believe that every human being is worthy of love. Still, sometimes the most difficult thing can be to really believe that about your own life. It can be difficult to become vulnerable enough to be loved and feel the value of being alive. Check out my video – it’s the story of my own struggle with my value and how vulnerability brought love back into my life.

CLICK HERE to see David’s CARP Talk