This I Believe: Lerato Tsotetsi


The Power of Love.

Love. “To have profound affection for another.” I believe in it. I think it started when more and more people started blessing my life with their love. I started to realize its importance once I saw the impact it had on those affected by it. For that reason, I believe in the power of love.

I believe in the power of love because it has the ability to transcend beyond differences. My older brother showed me the power of love growing up. Ever since he was diagnosed with autism at the age of four, my brother has had constant struggles trying to communicate his thoughts, ideas, and emotions. He takes a little longer to learn things, things that we would learn in an instant. His speech is limited, and it takes a while for strangers to understand him. He has been teased simply because of his disability. If anyone in the world has a reason to give up on others and live in a bubble where he would be safe from judgement, it’s him. However, everyday, my brother chooses not to disable his ability to love. I think Uncle Mike Lamson said it best when he described kids who have special needs as kids who “always see the good in people.” He continues to touch people with his gregarious and unique personality, often acting out scenes from some of his favorite movies. He shows the most love and affection in my house, always offering hugs and kisses. My sister and I always joke that he’s the most popular out of the three of us, because someone always recognizes him wherever we go and greets him with immense joy.The quantity of love my brother has for everyone he meets has changed the way people view those with special needs. You see, love is more than an action of affection, it can affect people’s lives, and more importantly, it can change the world. Because of my brother, I believe in not giving up on people but investing in others despite first impressions. I believe in the power of love.