Founder’s Words

“The rise or fall of a nation depends on the young people of that nation. We are conducting national university student training for the sake of the spiritual formation of those students. We have to prepare the proper environment for the students to sprout and grow.”

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon


Registered Chapters

2018 Year in Review.png


  1. Olympic College, WA (Sept)

  2. University of Hawaii at Manoa (Sept)


1. California State University, LA

2. Chabot College

3. College of Southern Nevada

4. Cornell University

5. Cypress College

6. East LA College

7. El Camino College

8. Grand Rapids Community College

9. New Jersey Institute of Technology

10. North Lake Community College

11. Pasadena City College

12. University of Bridgeport

13. University of California, LA

14. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2018 Year in Review (1).png

Developing Chapters



1. University of California, Davis

2. California State University, East Bay

3. California State University, Long Beach

4. University of California, Irvine

5. University of California, San Diego

6. Harper Community College

7. Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis

8. University of Oklahoma

9. Stephen F. Austin State University

10. Prince George’s Community College

11. Salt Lake Community College


1. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

2. Florida International University


Interested Chapters



1. Bunker Hill Community College (MA)

2. New York

3. Illinois State University

4. Oakland College (MI)

5. Arkansas

6. Colorado

7. Ohio State University

8. University of Texas, Austin

9. University of Texas, Dallas

10. Oregon

11. University of California, Berkeley


HARP Chapters


  1. Alhambra High School (CA)


  1. Alta High School (UT)

  2. Santa Monica High School (CA)


All Chapters

National Programs


Revenue: $407,426.80
(from Registration Fees & Donations)

Expenses: $406,530.14

Net: $896.66



  1. Chapter of the Year Award: Cypress College

  2. Global Citizen Award: Josue Kisile

  3. Chapter Adviser Award: Dr. Stephen Barton from Grand Rapids, Maha Afra from Cypress College

  4. Unsung Hero Award: Atsushi Takino (NJIT)

  5. Rising Chapter Award: Chabot College, College of Southern Nevada
    Honorable Mention: Chicago and Seattle.


  1. Model Student Award: Sungkeel Yamada (University of Bridgeport)

  2. Unsung Hero Award: Mia Taguchi (College of Southern Nevada, student), Keisetsu Nakamura (NJIT, student), Satomi Kikuchi (Cal State LA, alumni), Hisae Mori (Chabot, parent volunteer), Maiko Shimogawara (Cypress, parent volunteer)

  3. Global Citizen Award: Jermaine Bishop (CARP LA)

  4. Advisor of the Year: Greg and Keiko Breland (University of Bridgeport), Kazuya Morita (Chabot College), Grace Apiafi (PCC)

  5. Chapter Service Award: Chabot College (led by Junta Naito), Honorable Mention: NJIT

  6. Standing Up for Principled Viewpoint Award: CARP Las Vegas (hub including UNLV and CSN)

  7. Standing Up for Principled Culture Award: Cypress College (led by Ori Rodriguez), Grand Rapids Community College (led by Josue Kisile)

  8. Teamwork Award: North Lake College

  9. Rising Chapter Award: Chicago (led by Zaiya Konno), IUPUI (led by Yoshika Iwamoto and Aika Callahan), Olympic College (led by Hyunggil Woo)
    Honorable Mention: HARP Utah (led by Eun-young Hwang)

  • Developed by: Dr. Robert Beebe, Christine Froehlich, and a team of advisers

  • Expenses in 2018: $5,919.24

  • 6 Presentations finalized and professionally designed on the topics of: Worldview, Thought Trends, Marriage & Family, Education, Love & Sexuality, Media

August Intensive attended by Josue Kisile, Takafumi Mashiko, Teresa Rischl, Jinil Fleischman, Jennifer Pierce, Dr. Beebe, Gerry Servito, Mi Young Eaton.

Fall Semester used by:

Grand Rapids, Las Vegas, Texas, Bay Area

Curriculum Intensive in January 2019 for more Student Leaders to have exposure.


Local Programs

CARP Bay Area

CARP Bay Area Serves!

unnamed (33).jpg

Service Projects:

  1. MLK Day of Service (Jan 13)

  2. “Feed the Hood” (April 15)

  3. Rebuilding Together Oakland Service Project (April 28th)

  4. Chabot Garden Clean Up (Feb 19/Sept 28)

CARP Bay Area UP Retreats!

CARP Bay Area held monthly UP retreats to engage members with Principled Education and dig deeper into the concepts touched on in meetings.

April UP Retreat

November UP Retreat

CARP Bay Area Guest Speaker

CARP Bay Area hosted Bento Leal on campus during their CARP Talks several times this year.

Bento Leal is a certified relationship skills trainer and gave talks about building and healing relationships to CARP members.

March, November

CARP Las Vegas

CARP Las Vegas: Let’s Talk about Sex

Both Spring and Fall Semester, CARP Las Vegas hosted Campus Talks on its two campuses, College of Southern Nevada and University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on the topic of sexual morality.

Guests who are experts in the field were invited to speak on the topics.

CARP LV made t-shirts to publicize their event with great success.

Spring: Sex and Morality

Fall: Sexual Integrity and the Breakdown of the Family

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CARP Las Vegas Retreats

CARP Las Vegas hosts two opportunities for members to dig deeper with Unification Principles and bond as a family.

  1. 2 Day Monthly Divine Principle Retreats

  2. Once a semester 7 Day Divine Principle Retreats (June & December)


  1. October 2-Day Retreat

  2. November 2-Day Retreat

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CARP LA: Cypress Colloquium

On October 12, CARP Cypress hosted over 80 students, faculty, and pastors on campus to bridge the relationship between professor and student.

Packed with inspiring speeches, presentations, and performances, it was an unforgettable event.

Full Story Here! 

CARP LA: Turning Point

From December 26 to January 1 (2019!), CARP LA hosted their annual Turning Point Workshop at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Over 100 participants from college to high school level participated in this seven day deep dive into Principle.

Full Story Here!

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CARP North Lake

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unnamed (25).jpg

CARP North Lake makes “The Wave”

CARP Dallas had a dream to reach out beyond their campus and inspire other students.

They created a new program, “The Wave”, in September for students to gather and experience CARP’s Principles.

Activity-based and interactive, the Wave is incredibly successful.

Full Story Here!

CARP Grand Rapids

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CARP Grand Rapids’ Peace Starts With Me Conference

On November 15, CARP Grand Rapids hosted guest speaker Ricardo De Sena to talk about his work with the Universal Peace Federation and the ideal of peace.

Full story here!


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Midwest Retreat:

Collaboration with Grand Rapids, Indiana, and Chicago

The Midwest chapters held two retreats this year: one in May (pictured above) and one in December (pictured below).

They had guest speakers give an in-depth presentation about the Principle and did activities.


Spring Retreat.

Winter Retreat.


CARP Utah Summer Divine Principle Retreat

Inspired by summer’s programs and retreats, CARP Utah President Alicia Kuhlmann and the Utah team planned a retreat for their community in August.  

Full Story here.

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CARP and HARP Utah Winter Retreat

On December 28th and 29th, the CARP and HARP chapters in Salt Lake City, Utah, hosted a two-day retreat focusing on the theme, Living a Principled Life.

Presentations were given by local CARP and HARP leaders.

Full Story here.

Club Fair


At the beginning of every semester, CARP chapters host a table to recruit new members and share about CARP.

Regular Programming


CARP Talks

Every week, local chapters hosted meetings on campus and discussed Principle and application.

Evening Programs

Chapters also hosted longer evening programs (usually monthly or biweekly) to dig deeper and do fun activities.

Ex) Ignite, Vision Night, The Wave

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CARP chapters also invested into the relationships with their members by hosting various social gatherings throughout the semester.

Chapter Firsts

CARP Chicago Tribe Talks

CARP Chicago hosted Tribe Talks three times a month starting this past Fall Semester. Engaging people of their community and their student peers, they have become very popular.

CARP IUPUI ’s First CARP Meeting

October 24, 2018

CARP UC Davis’s First CARP Meeting

October 27, 2018


Peace Starts with Me

November 12, 2018

Rally for Peace with over 200 congregations and 20,000 people


Student Volunteers

CARP NJIT full time students volunteered their time to help the rally efforts by participating in church outreach weekly, inviting them to the rally.

For the event itself, CARP members from across the country came in support and also performed during the program.


unnamed (37).png

Whether it was working for the Peace Starts With Me rally in November or teaming up locally in Los Angeles to host Revival Starts With Me events, CARP students volunteered for the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC).

CARP, also sharing the values of interreligious unity and interdenominational cooperation, is a perfect fit for supporting ACLC’s activities and events.

CARP LA held two events with ACLC this year:

April 7: Revival Starts With Me

November 18: Christianity in Crisis

The Summit

August 16 - 19

Hosted by YAYAM, the Summit gave an opportunity for CARP staff, Board of Directors, and student leaders to meet and make plans for the upcoming semester.

University of Bridgeport (UB): Interfaith Forum

CARP UB volunteered at Unification Campus Ministry’s interfaith forums. Four different faith leaders, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Unificationist, gave their faith’s perspective on the topic.

A Q&A session was also held afterwards for students to ask questions.


Let’s Talk About Love


Ghosts, Goblins, and the Great Beyond

 Honoring all of our local Presidents and Vice Presidents this year.

Honoring the volunteers who help CARP students live a principled life.

Welcome to the team:

Jinil Fleischman!

Joined August 2018!

Welcome to our new Program Coordinator. He previously served as CARP UNLV’s President and has recently graduated from UNLV. We’re very lucky to have him.

Read his full introduction here.  

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Board & Staff Retreat - April 2018

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2018 Financials


Raised in grants


Raised in donations


Total Revenue



Invested for CARP’s future since the establishment of the Endowment in 2017



Starting Fall Semester, we released a brand new logo with standard colors.

This logo was adapted from our classic logo and selected because it represents a worldwide youth movement.


New Website on SquareSpace

This year, we transferred from WordPress to SquareSpace.

With a brand new look, we’re reflecting the CARP of the modern age.

Social Media

Keep up with CARP activities on the go.

This year we’ve improved our activity and usage on both our Facebook page and Instagram account,

We also have a Facebook group to stay in contact with our student leaders.