The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles

also known as CARP, est. 1966


We are an organization of chapters on college campuses, created for students by students. We create programs, events, and activities promoting principles and raising leaders. Student leaders engage others in thoughtful and meaningful discussion as well as deep and long-lasting relationships for peace and growth.

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We believe that the ideal is created within and practiced in daily habits. We study and research these ideals and principles taught by great role models and teachers in every field throughout history.

Change doesn’t happen overnight but rather incrementally through daily, consistent effort. That’s what we practice. We offer a loving environment that encourages this growth.

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CARP was founded by the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. Their vision for young people was that they would be educated in serving the world before serving themselves, their families, and their nations. The way they saw it, the passion that young people have is enough to move nations, and when young people commit to something, they are tenacious. Rev. and Dr. Moon hoped that CARP would provide the stimulation and environment these young people need to flourish not just intellectually and financially but, most importantly, in heart.

National CARP staff and the Board of Directors group photo from April 2018.

National CARP staff and the Board of Directors group photo from April 2018.

The National CARP staff and Board of Directors supports chapters and provides resources to help them on campus and in their student life. They connect the different chapters to a higher vision and promote cooperation between them.



College is focused on education of the mind, but CARP stands for education of the heart. How do we create true and lasting relationships? What is my purpose? How can religion and science contribute to a fuller life?

Whether it is in meetings, retreats, or social events, CARP strives to educate the hearts of young people and train them to become responsible and loving global citizens.



The current culture is about “me.” In CARP, one of our founding principles is “living for the sake of others.” It means to sacrifice for others to create a better world. It means interdependence and mutual prosperity.

In CARP, we strive to create a culture that treats each of its members like members of a family, with respect, love, and a push for growth.



To learn and to be inspired is not enough to impact our campuses and societies. In CARP, we believe that practice substantiates the principles we value and teach.

CARP engages in service to our campus and our community not only to train ourselves but to better our environment and help the people around us.

The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization. Our main objective is to help students across America answer the question, “How can I live a principled life?” CARP advocates a life that is in service to others and practicing and applying those principles.