What We Offer

In response to a culture that is focused on helping oneself, local student leaders are creating a culture that models living for the sake of others and promotes cooperation and understanding. These students are passionate and inspired to make a positive impact that results in a long-lasting, fulfilling lifestyle for every member of their community. As students, however, they are limited in their experience and resources. The National CARP staff supports the local chapter efforts by providing those resources and support.

Some examples of our resources:


Chapter Visits

Staff members visit local chapters to see the local campus and chapter activities, to meet members, faculty advisors, and CARP mentors, and give advice and support where necessary.


Weekly Calls

Join calls with National CARP for inspiration, testimonies, education, and chapter sharing!

Email jennifer@carplife.org for more information!



Student leaders rep CARP and open doors to start conversations about principles on campus.


Leader Guidebook

We’ve compiled basic tips and best practices for starting a CARP chapter and getting registered on campus.

Email jennifer@carplife.org for the link.


Principled Educational Materials

Thanks to our mentors, we developed educational materials for students to use in CARP talks and events to accurately explain the CARP perspective on history, education, media, love, and marriage and more.

Email jennifer@carplife.org for more information.


Brand Assets and Graphic Design

Local chapters can brand their flyers, t-shirts, banners, social media, etc with our official logos and colors.

Email jennifer@carplife.org for the link.


Chapters gain momentum and grow with support from these resources and more that the National Team develops from communication with chapters and student leaders. They become empowered in their mission and become an integral part of their campuses and community. If you would like to be a part of the movement and develop more resources for our local chapters, donate here!

If you would like to receive resources and support, email jennifer@carplife.org!

Share your local chapter stories here!