The intention for this trip was to unite with Mother Moon’s vision to share and expand the culture of heart (the HyoJeong culture) and to connect the nations of Korea, Japan, and America. Our goal is to to influence the young people of our nation and inspire the young people in other nations to stand up for a culture of heart, to make a foundation for the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea, to inherit the HyoJeong culture, and to expand CARP after our return. 


Day 1 – 6/26/18


Welcome to Japan! 360 participants arrived at Itako Hotel by the bus load today! Leaders, who came a few days earlier to prepare for the incoming participants, greeted them with loud cheers and hugs. 

Participants and leaders enjoyed a box dinner with friends, new and old, before jumping into orientation led by National CARP President Teresa Rischl. Despite just coming off a plane, the audience listened with enthusiasm to the purpose and the upcoming schedule for the next two weeks. 

Participants also got introduced to their teams and spent thirty minutes getting to know them before turning in for the night! They shared their intentions and hopes for the HyoJeong Trip, determining make their experience one of growth.

All in all, the first day was a promising first step into the CARP HyoJeong Trip 2018! 

Day 2 – 6/27/18


Diving into Principle! The first two days are dedicated to deeper study of the Principle. Today, we had the pleasure of inviting Rev. Nakamura again for his lectures on Divine Principle and also Rev. Kachi for advanced lectures for those who heard Rev. Nakamura last year.

Even though many participants heard the content before, many of them learned new things from Rev. Nakamura. One brother said he realized that the lectures helped him to reflect where he was in life and to make new determinations to overcome and become better. 

Rev. Kachi’s lectures were inspiring. Despite the language barrier, the deeper content opened a door into God’s heart, and some participants were in tears during the lectures. 

“I was really inspired by the portion about God’s han [God’s heart of grief] from Rev. Kachi’s lectures. I think I was able to understand more of God’s heart of pain and frustration, but rather than just recognizing that but also realizing that God’s way of relieving his han is to save humanity instead of taking revenge. That made me feel that that was really God’s love.” – Mika M

Meal times, teams spent together to share what they learned, and even though many were still overcoming jet lag, participants worked hard to pay attention and internalize the points. 

It was an awesome first full day at the CARP HyoJeong Trip! Here’s to many more!

Day 3 – 6/28/18


Diving into Principle Pt II! Rev. Nakamura and Rev. Kachi continued their lectures for Day 2 of the two day workshop. Despite hearing different content, all participants could inherit something that applies to their own life of faith.

“I really liked the point from Rev. Nakamura that if you are grateful, Satan cannot get to you. I believe that being grateful truly is the most important thing because it really helps to have a positive mindset and to appreciate what you have.” – Masahiro A

“My highlight about the lecture from Rev. Kachi was when Father Moon testified about Principle strongly to Kim Il Sung’s top general without caring whether or not he would meet Kim Il Sung. In the end, he was able to meet Kim Il Sung. Because of that, I had more conviction in Principle. The North Korean government told Father their ideology, and he still pointed out all the wrong points even at the risk of his life. Everyone was shocked. Father Moon’s conviction allowed God to work. If we come in with our own thinking, we may think that we need to change the truth so it will be accepted, but Father didn’t have that mindset. As a CARP leader, I suffer from compromising a lot. When that happens, I miss out on the opportunities to connect to people because I water down the information. If I decide to change Principle so someone can accept it, I block God from being able to work. That stood out to me the most because I am planning my future position in CARP. I don’t want to compromise the message that comes from God.” – Ori R 

We closed the day with a special concert from the Hyo Jin Moon band. It uplifted the spirits and connected us to Hyo Jin Moon, the first son of Father and Mother Moon. Hyo Jin Moon’s philosophy centered around love and filial heart toward parents. By inheriting that tradition through his music, we were better able to understand the content we gained throughout the day. 

Day 4 – 6/29/18


The Road to Waseda! Today, we visited Waseda University in Tokyo. Waseda University was the university that Father Moon attended in 1941. At the time of Father’s attendance, the Japanese were occupying Korea and treated its people horribly. 

Father was mistreated by the Japanese people during his stay in Japan. The police relentless followed him and tortured him. He struggled to find a house to stay, and even graduating from the university was a challenge. 

However, Father Moon never thought of the Japanese people with disdain or resentment. He poured out his love for them and loved Japan more than the Japanese. He fought for the liberation of his homeland but not because he hated the Japanese; it was because he loved his people. 

Father Moon also had many experiences with Japanese people who were kind and generous, including his home-stay family, the Mistuhashi’s. 

Along our journey to Waseda, we stopped by the police station and the Mitsuhashi house, taking the same road as Father Moon. Even though it was so hot out, the walk and the strain it took to get to Waseda was a reminder of how much Father Moon endured and suffered on his road to discovering the Principle and loving the people around him without reservation. 

In Waseda University, we met up with J-CARP and joined in their event, the International Borderless Conference (IBC). The theme was international friendship.

One Japanese student representative, Saeko Iida, spoke about the need for America and Japan to work together to help save Father Moon’s homeland and peacefully reunite North and South Korea. 

One American student representative, Josue Kisile, also spoke. He spoke about how true love is the only path to true peace and that starts within. He shared his experience with God in war-torn Republic of Congo, that God’s presence in his family allowed them to feel peace in spite of the many atrocities occurring around them. 

We made friendships in groups at IBC and sang a song together to close. 

In this way, we had full day of love and friendship and gratitude.

Day 5 – 6/30/18


A Conference of International CARP Delegates! CARP Korea, Japan, and America had a Conference of three nations today. Called the International CARP Conference (ICC), all three nations had an opportunity to have a representative student share about their activities and another student to share a testimony about their experience in CARP.

America sent their representatives first with President Teresa Rischl opening up with an overview of America’s CARP activities. Then, Sarah Takhar and Takayo Hiraki came up to share about Los Angeles’ Revival Starts With Me Rallies. Finally, Ori Rodriguez talked about his experience being introduced to CARP and Divine Principle. 

CARP Korea sent their representatives. Student President JuHee Oh shared Korea CARP’s activities and vision and goals. Sooyun Lee then shared her testimony about doing CARP activities. 

After a long first session of testimonies, the participants broke for lunch. They split up into small groups intermixed with J-CARP members. During lunch, every team got to know each other and exchanged gifts! 

Continuing with testimonies, Japan CARP shared their activities and gave testimonies. A J-CARP member who works for CARP in Colombia shared her experience starting the chapter and activities. 

We closed with determinations from all three countries and a closing unison prayer! It was a powerful experience in which many participants could clearly see what CARP was up to around the world, CARP’s impact, and how they could be involved.

Day 6 – 7/1/18


Rally for Mother Moon! Our participants had a special opportunity to participate in Mother Moon’s rally in the Saitama Super Arena! This rally was hosted by Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) of Japan. J-CARP members and K-CARP members sat with us during the event.

Although we had to wait in a long line to get in, the rally overall was very exciting. Participants could see first-hand how Mother Moon impacted so many lives. For quite a few participants, this was their first experience with Mother Moon, and it impacted many of them deeply. 

By far, the most exciting part of the event was Mother Moon’s main speech. In it, she publicly mentioned that she heard 360 of us were at the rally! We cheered so loud! 

The rest of the event had prayers by leaders of FFWPU Japan and performances by FFWPU Japan Youth. Overall, we were incredibly excited and blessed to be part of this event! Thank you to J-CARP for inviting us. 

Day 7 – 7/2/18


Lunch with Mother Moon! Mother Moon invited all 360 of us to have lunch with her at the Hotel Chinzano Tokyo. At this luncheon, she provided us with a fancy, three course meal and a speech just for us. 

We started with reports from CARP USA and also a report from Mother Moon’s Secretary General about her work in Africa. Many participants were so inspired to hear about Mother Moon’s peace making activities in Africa and how many leaders in Africa are working with her to build a world of peace. 

After lunch, she gave her speech. In her speech, she shared about America’s responsibility and her hope for us as youth. We shouted our declarations to fulfill her wishes, and she asked us to give her more reasons to smile in the future. Read her full speech here. 

We closed by performing for her four pieces. We started with a step that we created to Song of the Heavenly Soldiers. Following that, we sang Generation of Righteousness and HyoShim. We ended with the MuJoGeon dance! 

We took a commemorative photo and said good-bye to Mother Moon. 

The participants were filled with so much love from Mother Moon. Thank you! We love you, Mother Moon!

Day 8 – 7/3/18


Hanging with J-CARP! America CARP joined Japan CARP in their homes for their last day in Japan before taking off to Korea. The American teams split up and joined CARP houses both inside and outside of Tokyo! This precious opportunity was a way for participants to experience life as a Japanese CARP student. 

They lived, ate, did CARP activities, and went sightseeing together. Each member got to develop a deep, heartistic relationship with the Japanese brothers and sisters and the work they do.

It was also a chance for America CARP to see more of Japan. This year, CARP got to visit Kyoto, Nagoya, Sendai, as well as different areas in Tokyo. Sightseeing brought CARP members to the famous and popular places of the local CARP chapters, including food! 

Afterwards, American CARP members shared their experience being in CARP and being with Mother Moon for the past two days. It was the sharing of hearts that was most memorable for CARP members. 

We are so grateful for this precious experience and the amount that we got to share with J-CARP. 

Day 9 – 7/4/18

Welcome to Korea! After saying our (sad) farewells to J-CARP, everyone boarded a plane and landed at Incheon Airport! After long travels and an almost equally as long bus ride, we made it to CheonPyeong Training Center and got a brief orientation.

While today was mostly a travel day, we’re looking to very exciting activities the week we spend here! 

Day 10 – 7/5/18


Peace and Pilgrimage! Today, we gathered at the border between North and South Korea and held a rally to proclaim that peaceful reunification will happen through the agency of True Love. In the shadow of North Korea, we could feel the seriousness and the tragedy that the Korean people and the world as a whole were living in.

We prayed at the fence and cried for the border to come down. This was a similar rally that we held to last year, except this year it feels more like a possibility with the recent Summits between the leaders of both Koreas and with President Trump and Kim Jong Un. 

After proclaiming and praying for peninsular peace, we traveled to three different historical places in Father and Mother Moon’s history. Two of them were previous residences of Father and Mother Moon. Through being in the places where they shed many tears and endured many hardships opened up the participants’ hearts to connecting more with Father and Mother Moon’s vision. 

Even in the shabbiest of places, Father and Mother Moon held big dreams for world peace and worked harder and sacrificed more than anyone else to make that happen. By visiting the places, participants could inherit what Father and Mother Moon tried to accomplish and make determinations based on that. 

God bless Korea and our determinations for the future!

Day 11 – 7/6/18


Proclamation of God in Seoul! Today, we had a very packed schedule. We started the morning with a Exchange Program with K-CARP and ourselves. We listened to many testimonies and the many activities of K-CARP, ending with a delicious lunch.

After the exchange, we went to Seoul, KwangHwaMoon, to join a rally for the Peaceful Reunification of North and South Korea hosted by K-CARP. KwangHwaMoon is the center of Seoul, overlooked by important political buildings including the Blue House and the U.S. Embassy. 

From that central location, we had three student representatives, one from Japan, U.S., and Korea, proclaim loudly that reunification will happen with God at the center. 

From America, Joshua Holmes challenged everyone to make the division of Korea to be a personal issue. He strongly stated that our division from God on a personal level leads to the divisions seen on a national and world level. When we can unite ourselves centering on God, we can find the realm of true love and live in harmony with our brothers and sisters. In the absence of our Heavenly Parent, humanity has been unable to unite, like children bickering without a parent to guide them. 

His speech, along with the powerful speeches from Japan and Korea, left a powerful impact on KwangHwaMoon. While nothing externally was different, aside from a few curious onlookers, there was a major shift in the atmosphere and spirit of KwangHwaMoon. The power and spirit of CARP moved the unmovable, and everyone was filled with hope for the future of North and South Korea. 

Closing with a few songs of unity, the rally finished with power and hope. 

After the rally, our teams had an opportunity to bond and to shop at Itaewon. The shopping street was a fun adventure and a good bonding experience before we closed for the day.

Day 12 – 7/7/18



Reflection Day! We are nearing the end of our workshop, and we took the opportunity today to have personal reflection time as well as team reflections. This opportunity allowed everyone to digest their experiences and think about how they can practice what they learned when they return home. 

We also heard a talk from David Eaton on the Principled Application in the Arts. Everyone felt so moved to know that their passions can be applied in God’s work based on what we intend on the message of our creation to be. 

As we near the end of this workshop, we realize how much love we have been receiving and determine to do more for the future.

Day 13 – 7/8/18


Nobody goes to Heaven alone! Today, we had the opportunity to visit Mother Moon’s current residence. Although we didn’t get to see her (again), we did get to see the achievements of Father and Mother Moon’s life. The dedication that Father and Mother Moon had poured for God was apparent, and many participants could feel God’s love directly just by being at their residence. 

After the tour, Mother Moon treated us to lunch. She reserved her restaurant and served us fancy Korean food. She wasn’t personally able to come, but we could feel how much she was thinking out us through this special treat! 

Later, we closed the evening with testimonies from our brothers and sisters about their experience at this workshop and an open mic to showcase everyone’s talent! It was an amazing experience to be able to share our final moments as a larger workshop with the people we love. 

Tomorrow, we will have to say good-bye to a few people as we fly back to Japan, but we keep our spirits high knowing that Mother Moon and our brothers and sisters here at this workshop love and care for us deeply.

Day 14 – 7/9/18

Back to Japan! We got up early and rushed to Incheon Airport today to get back to Japan! We had some time to resettle ourselves and further process our experiences in preparation for the last full day of the trip tomorrow!

Our group is now split in half. Due to lack of space in Japan, one half of us is staying at Isshin Education Center and the other half in Miyazakidai. This does not diminish our spirit, however; we still feel the power of our Heavenly Parent and the love of our brothers and sisters in that space. 

We close today preparing for our final day and looking forward to the future.

Day 15 – 7/10/18


Exploration and Magic! Today, the participants got to choose whether to enjoy their last day in Japan exploring Tokyo or going to Tokyo Disneyland! This was also an opportunity for participants to see each other for the last time before returning home and continuing our mission to build a culture for God to dwell. 

This was also a final opportunity for our staff to have a final meeting in person about larger picture activities in the future.

This final day was bittersweet, but we would not have changed it for the world. 

Day 16 – 7/11/18


Good-bye but not Farewell! We officially closed the workshop today. It has been an exciting, inspiring, challenging, revealing, and most of all an experiential journey of God’s love!

While we will miss the people who made made unforgettable bonds with, knowing that they are out there working on our mission together brings us a little closer no matter how far apart we are.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and prayed for us on this journey! Look forward to seeing new and amazing things in the future! Until 2019! FIRED UP.