Your CARP Life Planner Download is ready!


Printing Instructions


Option #1: Done By Professionals

Zing Print can do a single wire bound booklet for $29-$33 including shipping.

Here are the recommended settings

  • Pages: 178

  • Print side: Front and Back

  • Finish Size: Portrait 5.5’ x 8.5’

  • Color: Your choice

  • Paper Type: 20lb Bond

  • Cover Paper Type 100 lb cover uncoated

We are not affiliated with Zing Print. Feel free to find other professional print options.


If another printer gives the option for partial black/white and partial color:

  • 14 color pages: 1,19,33,45,59,73,87,101,115,131,145,159,175,178

  • 164 black and white pages:


Option #2: Do It Yourself

You can print, cut, and/or bind the planner yourself. You can also use a local printer such as FedEx Office or Staples. They can help you with any of these steps.

Printing on 8.5’ x 11’ paper - use alternate file(s) provided below

  • 90 letter-sized pages total

  • Two sided printing: Flip on the long edge.

  • Page numbers are on the bottom to help sorting

Cutting: You can use a cutting tool at a printer to cut in half (to have a 5.5’ x 8.5’ booklet)

  • Skip cutting option: You can also do a landscape 8.5’ x 11’ booklet.

Binding: Many local printers offer binding for about $5.

  • Spiral bound: common option at most printers

  • Wire bound: less common but better quality