CARP Life Planner - For Your Life-Changing Year


Organize 2019 One Day at a Time

180-page daily planner for 2019 that helps you keep priorities for each day and so that you never miss an appointment, project deadline, or important event.

Be Inspired Everyday

Weekly quotes and monthly typography illustrations will keep you motivated. With quotes from CARP founder, Rev Sun Myung Moon, you can keep your vision big. You too can be a global citizen like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King.



Choose Daily Habits To Become the Person You Want To Be

The actions you do each day, compound into your habits. As Gandhi said, “your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” Habit tracking becomes easy with your life planner always by your side reinforcing your positive decisions.

Invest in Your Relationships

Success is not just measured in accomplished goals, but more importantly in moments with loved ones. Use the Life Planner to have a well-balanced lifestyle that includes relationship goals.



Reach Your Goals

Success needs to be planned. The Life Planner helps you set your vision 3 years out and makes each day as a step towards accomplishing it in milestones.