Day 10: Rallying for the Reunification of the Two Koreas

As future leaders of the world, we are responsible for understanding and caring about the world’s problems. CARP students got to do just that by going to the Korean Congress building to rally for unification of North and South Korea. Joined by Korea or K-CARP and political leaders in Korea, CARP America represented by Jermaine Bishop, Joshua Holmes, and Naomi Froehlich, offered a speech about the need for this reunification and how it can happen. 

Read their speech here

Their speech was followed by a speech from a J-CARP and a K-CARP member. This was symbolic to represent the unity between the three nations in a rally for peace specifically on the Korean peninsula. 


After the rally, CARP America joined K-CARP in an exchange program involving testimonies and presentations from the K-CARP President who is also the first woman to witness to 430 people in CARP. The K-CARP President opened with remarks about how vital Korea was and how Americans can support.

Then, a K-CARP member gave a testimony about a condition the members are doing together – proclaiming True Parents on the streets. She explained how at first she was scared, but she overcame her fear through the realization that True Parents need her and that she loves them. There was no room for shame in this context. Through these presentations, CARP America was able to inherit the heart and the strong determination that K-CARP embodied.


Afterwards, the two CARP groups ate together and performed for one another, making everyone laugh and cry and experience one other as one family. In true CARP fashion, it was loud, rambunctious, and full of love. 

“Language was a big barrier for me, but meeting with K-CARP made me realize that our hearts are connected and that made us a family.” ~ Shinha Tsuchida