A Supporter’s Perspective on Endorsing CARP

We asked one of CARP’s most enthusiastic fans why he believes in CARP activities.

Greg Davis on one of his “trikes.”  You can see his business at www.yourtrikespirit.com

Greg Davis on one of his “trikes.”  You can see his business at www.yourtrikespirit.com

CARP is a student organization dedicated to inspire and empower students to be global citizens by engaging them in the study and application of Unification Principles. Through hosting annual impact programs such as Momentum, assisting local chapters with their needs, and hosting opportunities like the International Exchange Trip to Japan and Korea, CARP is about building authentic relationships with a community that will support your personal growth. 

A Blast to the Past

When I think back to CARP in the old days, its reputation was widely known even in the early days of anti-communism work in Japan and Europe. The exploits of “Tiger” Park as an early CARP leader were also widely known.

I didn’t have much involvement in CARP until 1991 except for being a Mobile Fundraising Team (MFT) captain for many CARP members from time to time throughout the ’70s.

In 1991, I had the great fortune to participate in a CARP-run program in the former Soviet Union called the International Leadership Seminars or ILS.

From that experience I gained great respect for CARP –  the leadership and its members.  Dr. Seuk, the President of CARP at the time, was the first Korean leader I had the opportunity to work directly with and I was very inspired by his methods. He was strict but loving, very sacrificial, and highly regarded by his staff.

He inspired great loyalty in his staff and in turn he trusted them with great responsibility, just as he had been given a great responsibility from True Father to lead the entire effort in the Soviet Union, including the ILS program.            

I’m sure he was under great pressure but he “led by love.”  He gave a lot of freedom to the American leadership to create the actual programs and strategies that were used with great success in that time.

CARP Activities Now

Today, CARP is creating programs and activities that will inspire students on campuses to reach their potential.

In following CARP’s news and social media posts today, it looks like the new leadership and an invigorated vision of what is possible has maintained an emphasis on “campus culture” and developing practical skills for “life education” which includes the study of Divine Principle. I believe the time for “the [principled] education” has come.

My hope for CARP is that the organization can develop a community of spiritually alive and relevant campus leaders who more and more become advocates and moral leaders to drive issues and solutions for today’s needs. The Divine Principle is a powerful teaching that can and does address every aspect of life and is much more than a “religious teaching” but is actually more like a “manual for life” and purpose.

I try to support CARP by paying attention to their communications on social media and the CARP website. Through my commentary and engagement, I hope to encourage CARP to continue to grow and thrive. 

Choosing to Support CARP

I support CARP because I see it as a necessary and valuable organization that has been infused with new hope and vision to embrace the diverse populations of our college campuses across the country. It is tragic the type of environment that now exists on college campuses and the kind of sexual politics that is being played there.

There are significant numbers of students who, given a natural and sincere approach, would be extremely receptive to CARP’s education and a spiritual community provided by our CARP chapters. 

Young people are, more than ever, looking for options in building meaningful relationships and finding solutions for much of the “confusion” that prevails in academia today.  CARP has an important role in being one of those options.

I would encourage others to join me in supporting this student-led organization. CARP has a history of being “campus warriors,” taking on a variety of “issues of the day” in its founding era and beyond. It’s important to encourage our young people with that “warrior heart” to continue the fight with relevance to today’s concerns and utilizing all the technological developments available.  

I believe they can make a significant impact!

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