The National Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (NCARP) is opening up new intern positions for students for Fall 2019!

Interns will get the opportunity to work with a non-profit, NCARP, and will be able to utilize the tools and resources in CARP for their personal development as well as to help develop the programs and needs of CARP.

There is one paid position available per internship. If you would like to help volunteer for experience, there are more spots available.

***There are more internships in the works! Check back soon!


Online Chapter Support Intern


The focus of this internship will be learning how to develop a resource program for a target audience using audio/visual technology and content planning. Intern(s) will focus on specific projects within NCARP’s mission to offer chapter support. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • “Chapter Updates” podcast: a regular audio/video podcast highlighting updates from local chapters, to be shared with all local chapter leaders

  • Monday night Chapter Support calls: a biweekly webinar providing support, resources, and guidance to chapter leaders

Learning Objectives

  • Develop content for a biweekly webinar

  • Record and edit audio/visual products

  • Use video conferencing technology to facilitate communications and presentations

  • Plan, implement, manage and evaluate a program

  • Outreach using online marketing to promote a program

  • Work within the context of a mission-driven, non-profit organization

  • Articulate skills learned for a resume or LinkedIn profile

Application Due September 1st, 2019!



Contact Jinil at!