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Are you a college student in need of regular Principled nourishment and a community you can talk to?

College can be lonely if you don't have any peers who share the same Principled viewpoint as you. Not only that, college can make our beliefs seem strange. The college environment bombards us daily with very unprincipled ideas and beliefs which can be incredibly discouraging.

Not to fear!

Introducing “Empower Hour!” Every other week, CARP will host a weekly online call to connect with a powerful Principled presenter to share on topics relevant to you and your life as a college student!

The topics will alternate between Internal Guidance to uplift your spiritual life and the new CARP Curriculum based on Headwing thought. The CARP Curriculum is a series of presentations that address the confusion of values and ideologies in society tied to current social issues and that present the Principled perspective on those topics.

Empower Hour will be every other Monday at 9pm EST.

Here is the calendar of topics for this semester (TBA):

9/2 - CARP Curriculum: “Worldview” presented by Christine Froehlich

If you are interested in participating in Empower Hour, sign up below:

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Stay connected!

In addition to Empower Hour, we would also like to offer online small groups! The small group is a place for you to connect with other college students from around the country (maybe even world?!) and check in about how you've been doing and share insights from the last Empower Hour talk.

Small groups will meet on the off week when there isn't an Empower Hour talk. In these meetings, you will check in by sharing about how your week was as well as discuss the content from the last Empower Hour. We will provide discussion questions!

If you are interested in joining a small group, sign up below:



If you have attended an Empower Hour and would like share feedback on your experience, please fill out the form below!